Industrial Electronics Repairs

30 + Years – We’ve seen it all

Brisbane Electronics have see a surge of electronic development over many year and have always kept on top of the forefront of electronic design, manufacture and assembly from prototype to preparing for mass scale production. We have an open mind when it to come to your needs. We listen and give sound advice when requested. Often this leads to  successful development of new age technology and ideas. We are straight up with how we approach your IP as transparent and efficient on your project time frame and budget. We have worked with many clients in many years.

  • Embedded microelectronics such as Pi and Arduino Micro Controllers
  • IOT, WIFI, Bluetooth LoRA embedded systems
  • Custom Software and Firmware Development
  • Audio design and control systems
  • Low voltage Power distribution and Control 
  • Automation control systems and software
  • Industrial Electronic turn key solutions
  • Protocol Conversion systems for Non Native Application integration

What it costs

Start by putting together a plan and how you need our help to see it though. Costs will vary from case to case but we potentially give you a few options. Collaborative brainstorming is one of our many strengths within our technical teams and available at your disposed when problems or issues arise.

Privacy and Security

We are open and transparent about your Intellectual Property (IP). Unless required to do so by law, we release nothing without you written consent and we retain no ownership of your product or design. At anytime during project development, you have full ownership of files and resources produced by Brisbane Electronics whist you are financially up to date with projected costings.

End of Project Development Objectives – Our Perspective

We aim to let you prosper and continue developed your idea or product with or without us hence why we always provide all recourse used so you can upscale to a major manufacture when its right to do so.